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moropiku asked
SnK: (●-`Д´-)/ and (゚Д゚ )ノ I don't think we've discussed those before

I think we’ve discussed these before….

Most disliked pairing: I think shipping is excellent and everyone should be able to ship anyone with anyone. That said, the only pairing I see on my dash a lot that I dislike is Jean/Marco. I find the art for it cute, but Marco. Who the fuck is Marco? Forget about Marco. Marco was nothing but a character development tool. Let Marco gooooo.

Unpopular opinion I have: Erwin is a forever bottom to power top Levi, and he likes being pampered after sex. (Sometimes not even I can see the line between my serious headcanons and jokes.)

My answer to the first might actually be more fitting of an answer to the second question or something

Thanks, darling~

An anime and emoticon in my ask- now, GO!

。♥‿♥。): Favorite pairing

(●-`Д´-)/ : Most disliked pairing

*^ワ^: What I liked about the series

( ̄ー ̄): What I disliked about the series

(^⊆^) : Something I would change

(゚Д゚ )ノ : An unpopular opinion I have

(。_°)ノ: What I think of the fandom

(^~^) : If I would rewatch the series

。◕‿◕。: The character I want to be

ヾ(´▽`: What should be canon

( ✖Д✖ ) : What should not be canon