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In today’s thrilling episode of Guess What I Read And Who Are My Favourites.

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This audio file has what was originally Tracks 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11 in the drama CD as a single file. The translation for this drama CD will also be slow, but it will get done. Thank you for understanding.

HARUKA: A Free Surprise Wake-Up Call, part one.

NAGISA: We’re going to give Haru-chan a surprise wake-up call, so Mako-chan and Rei-chan, keep quiet, okay?
REI/MAKOTO: We know.
NAGISA: Here I go then.
NAGISA: [pulls HARUKA’s bedcovers away] Haru-chan, wake up!! …Ehhh?!
REI: H—He’s…!
MAKOTO: Sleeping in his swimsuit?!
REI: I—Is this what people call swimsuit pajamas?
MAKOTO: Do they not feel tight on him while he sleeps?
NAGISA: It’s us who ended up being surprised…
REI: Indeed…

x x x

HARUKA: A Free Surprise Wake-Up Call, part two.

NAGISA: We’re going to be successful with the surprise wake-up call this time!
REI: Nagisa-kun, do we have to do this again?
NAGISA: Of course we do, Rei-chan!
MAKOTO: So, Nagisa. How do we wake him up this time?
NAGISA: We charge in!
NAGISA: Haru-chan, wake up!!
REI: Haruka-senpai is cuddling a mackerel body pillow while he’s sleeping!
MAKOTO: It’s the one that I gave him as a birthday present years ago.
NAGISA: Hehe, Haru-chan’s so cute… I bet he’s dreaming about swimming leisurely through the ocean with the mackerel.
REI: Wait! What happened to the surprise wake-up call?!

x x x

HARUKA: A Free Surprise Wake-Up Call, part three.

NAGISA: Third time is the charm!
REI: At this point, it’s no longer a surprise!
NAGISA: Haru-chan, wake up!!
NAGISA: H—Haru-chan turned into mackerel!!
REI: Haruka-senpai has evolved into a fish— No, this would be degenerating!
MAKOTO: What in the world happened to Haru?!
REI: This is an emergency!
NAGISA: We have to let Rin-chan know about this right away!

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Anonymous asked
I JUST WATCHED THE EPISODE AND MY WORLD IS FALLING APART. And this dread feeling I have towards the next episode... Australia?! TFW RIN YO THE HELL??! Harurin is my notp... And makoharu and rintori are my otp's. And they're both being DESTROYED. (well makoharu more than rintori BUT STILL) Please stab my eyeballs with a spoon, it'll lessen the pain. (But please please dont leave the fandom you're like one of my favorite free! blogs! T.T)


I have no idea what you mean because MakoHaru pretty much just proved itself to be the most canon ship on this show (aside from reigisa)

Rin and Haru are nothing, but competitors when talking in terms of importance which was really emphasized in this episode. Sousuke mentions Haru’s talent. That is gives Rin competition to swim and honestly, that’s all it will ever be. Whenever Haru and Rin aren’t swimming together or discussing swimming it seems like the two never go beyond casual friendship. The only reason Rin is even bringing Haru to Australia is probably because of swimming AND NOT EVEN ON HIS OWN. RIN RECEIVED A TEXT FROM MAKOTO WHICH I’M GUESSING WILL HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH IT. If anything this supports MakoRin more than HaruRin lol. Anyways, Sousuke and Harus’ conversation pretty much showed how little Haru cared that his talent means something to Rin. So what if Haru would push Rin to go further? Haru still only cares about swimming with his friends. Oh well.

MakoHaru though wow. Not only is Makoto’s future the only one that has not only concerned Haru, but it also broke his heart to hear Makoto was leaving. Haru is okay with leaving Rei and Nagisa behind. He’s okay with Rin swimming somewhere across the world, but Makoto leaving him? Even if it’s just university in Tokyo? His heart broke. His world feel. This scene demonstrates more than any other that Haru cares the most for Makoto. One line really stuck out to me though.


Haru expects everyone else to pester him about his future, but not Makoto. Haru knows Makoto only wants what’s best for him, he knows Makoto looks out for him, but here Haru misunderstands and thinks Makoto is trying to push Haru into a future, even though Makoto just knows Haru wants a dream. He knows it will make Haru happy, but Haru doesn’t understand that.

Unlike Rin, Haru cares about Makoto’s future. Something else I noticed was this.

Haru assumed Makoto hasn’t decided his own future yet. What I get from this is that maybe Haru was holding back because he felt that if Makoto didn’t decide yet, neither did he. If Makoto was staying then he could too. Haru assumed Makoto was going to stay by his side, it never occurred to him that Makoto could leave him and maybe that’s why Haru never even subconsciously thought about a future where he left Makoto.

Because Haru assumed he’d always be with Makoto.

There’s so much more in this argument. Literally every expression. Every line. Everything. I wish I could go through every single thing, but I’d have to break down every word. 

Long story short, MakoHaru has proven itself to be canon to me.


Hold him tight, Bokuto.
Kuroo Tetsurou, at some point of Tokyo training camp, probably.


Hold him tight, Bokuto.

Kuroo Tetsurou, at some point of Tokyo training camp, probably.


Bookstore AU: In which Makoto helps Rin look for a book title that may or may not exist. 

He never goes to this bookstore. Never had a reason to, especially since it’s one of the farther ones from Samezuka. But the one time he does, he meets a boy with too bright of a smile. ”That would be $14.95, sir!”

Rin doesn’t even remember if he’d paid with exact change or not, still in a trance as he walks out of the bookstore. What… was that? 


Despite being a hopeless romantic, Rin doesn’t believe in love at first sight. Doesn’t. Didn’t..? 

Rin finds himself at the same too-far bookstore the following day, a sudden interest in finding books for his school assignments. And he comes back the day after that, the day after that, and the day after that. But he always leaves without buying anything. The only thing he wants wasn’t for sale. 

"Hello there." Rin barely has time to blink before realizing that the object of his attention is just a couple of feet away from him. "I’ve noticed you’ve been to our store quite often." 

His heart hammers in his chest. It’s too early for the other boy to find out that Rin had been not-so-subtly throwing glances at him. 

"Are you looking for any book in particular?" The boy smiles and Rin blurts out a book title that he’s now pretty sure doesn’t exist. 

Even so, Makoto  - yes they’re on a first name basis now since Rin actually has a good reason to come to the bookstore - earnestly helps him look for the book every single time. 


"Rin, I finally found the book you were looking for!" Makoto smiles brightly. That should be illegal. "Sorry it took so long. The author’s pretty obscure. No wonder we couldn’t find it right away!" 

"Damn… it actually exists?" Rin looks at Makoto, bewildered. 


"W- what?"